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Large range of convertor, generator, and calculator. We provide a wide range of online tools, It's easy to use.

 about a2z.tools

What is A2Z Tools?

A2Z Tools is an online website that includes various tools like minifiers, IP tools, code editors, etc. These tools allow you to beautify your source code for different purposes. A2Z Tools also provides lots of converters that help to preserve the developer's time. We are constantly adding more tools to make your work easier and faster.

World's best tools and utilities at your fingertips

a2z.tools is a collection of useful and important online tools and processing utilities (Converters, Calculators, and Generators). All these tools are very simple, free, and easy to use. Moreover, there is no other garbage that will ruin your work. A2Z Tools contains all the necessary tools and utilities that work right in your preferred browser. Furthermore, all utilities work as per your requirement and needs.

Created for you

We're A2Z Tools — a friendly and fun online tools and utilities creating team powered by Reliable Software Technology. Our sole aim is to make developers, designers, and digital marketing people's lives easier, so we created a handful collection of online tools and utilities (Converters, Calculators, and Generators). Unlike other tools we made, our tools are free and with the simplest feasible user interface. Check them out!


Check out the great services we offer

Backlinks Generator

The Best backlink maker that will help you to build a large number of potential and quality backlinks.

URL Shortener

A2Z Tools brings you the best URL Shortener that is free for up to 5 URLs. This tool will shorten the long URLs into short URLs.


We provide different type of useful categorical information. For Example electronics gadgets, news, articles, travelling & many more.


We are specialized in Mobile App Development, Web Design, UI UX Design, Artificial Intelligence and Digital Marketing.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • A2Z Tools is an online script editor, beautifier, minifier, converter of JSON, XML, HTML, CSS, Text Case Converter, formatter, EMI calculator, etc.

  • Yes, most of the tools are free apart from URL Shortener. For URL Shortner, you will get 5 URLs free to use, and then you will have to create a paid account to use the URL shortener.

  • To offer a better user experience, web developers often use minification to reduce the size of their web pages and scripts. At its most basic level, minification is the process of removing unnecessary spaces and line breaks from a given piece of code. Moreover, minification (CSS Minification, HTML Minification, JavaScript Minification) allows for speedier load times, less bandwidth usage, and overall better performance of website load time. For these reasons, minification is a crucial component in the development process that can make or break a website’s success rate. Though there are several ways you can go about doing this (whether it be manually or through an automated service like js minify, CSS Minify, HTML Minify, etc.), there are some things worth considering before jumping into any process. First things first, if you plan on using an automated service, be sure to take heed of the service recommendations. For example, some services will automatically default to removing all encoding and whitespace from your website code. Though this will reduce the size of your web pages and scripts faster than if they remained intact, it also means that unnecessary characters will be removed. These include apostrophes (single quote), quotes (double quote), ampersands (&), angle brackets, less than symbol and greater than (>) symbol, etc., which can cause potential issues for your site or application down the road.

  • When using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (JS) codes, most developers use spacing, comments, and variables to create code. It also helps other developers who might later operate on the assets. However, it seems fine in the development phase, but it will become negative after serving a web page. To remove unnecessary data and web page loading speed, most developers and digital marketers use CSS Minifier, JS Minifier, and HTML Minifier.

  • Yes, minifier tools are helpful. When you use CSS Minifier, HTML Minifier, and Javascript Minifier, you can enhance your website speed. However, minifying CSS, HTML, JavaScript doesn't reduce the website speed to half but reducing even a small amount of time is helpful.