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Base64 to image


What is the purpose behind the use of the Base64 to image converter?

The Base64 to Image converter helps convert a Base64 string to an image so it can be previewed in a browser. But before we tell you more about the convertor, let us know what is Base64.

What is Base64?

Base64 is a binary to text encoding scheme for representing binary data (specifically, a sequence of 8-bit bytes) in sequences of 24 bits that can be represented by four 6-bit Base64 digits. It is mostly used for storing and transferring online images, audio, and media.

Why do we use Base64 encoding?

When there are limitations on the characters that can be used in a filename for a variety of reasons, then these converters are used. For example, some operating systems only allow filenames to be 8 characters long, without spaces or other special characters. Since they only contain ten Arabic numerals (0-9) and 26 letters from the English alphabet, Base64 encoded strings may be required in these circumstances.

In the world of computers, communication takes place in binary (0s and 1s), whereas in human communication, much more complex data types like images, GIFs, and text are typically used. This data must be represented in a way the computer can understand for it to be transferred. Consequently, binary data is usually transmitted over a website.

In a similar vein, a developer wants to launch a website and show it to the user as soon as possible. They need to make the page size as small as possible in order for this to happen. In order to do so, Base64 encoding is done.

Now, when we need to convert a Base64 to an image, we can use Base64 to image converter.

This can be done using a free tool to decode Base64 strings into a binary image file.

Our best and free online Base64 to JPEG converter needs no software installation for converting Base64 to image. You can convert anything online from any operating system, including Windows, Linux, macOS, and Android. There is no need to register with us in order to use the tool.

Here is how you can use the Base64 to Image converter:

  • Our tool makes it simple for a user to convert base64 code to an image.
  • You can preview and download the Base64 image once it has been converted to a png file.
  • The Base64 converter tool supports loading the Base64 string to convert the code to an Image.
  • Click Get Image after pasting the Base64 code.
  • The generated file will be available for immediate preview before downloading.

Keep in mind that even if the decoding result is from a different file type, our "Base64 to Image" converter will force the result to be displayed as an image. Therefore, you should make sure that your Base64 string is an image.

Our online tool is quite accessible. In order to handle BASE64 files on any operating system, you can use our online BASE64 to JPEG converter tools. The BASE64 to Image converter is always available online for your convenience, regardless of whether you're a MacBook user, use a Windows computer or even a portable mobile device.

Convert Your Base64 Code to Image

Convert Base64 to image online directly using our free decoding tool that allows you to convert and preview Base64 to Image easily. Our Base64 to Image Converter Online helps to convert Base64 String to Image. Just paste the Base64 code and you can also preview the image before downloading.

How to use the Base64 to Image converter?

  • Our tool helps to convert base64 code to image easily.
  • Once Base64 is converted to an image, you can preview and download this as a png file.
  • Base64 converter tool supports loading the Base64 string to convert the code to an Image.
  • Paste the Base64 code and click on Get Image. The file will be generated and you can directly preview it before downloading it.