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Virtual try on Glasses online

Give a virtual try on glasses online and check what suits you best

Nowadays, glasses come in various shapes, colours, and patterns. Some have a full frame, while others are rimless. Similarly, there are different colours of shades, too. Some have black tints, some are yellow tints, and so on and so forth. However, not every shape suits everyone. Thus, if you too are planning to buy glasses and are unsure of which will suit you the best, then you can always use our A2Z virtual try-on glasses online. But before we talk about the incredible tool that allows you to try different shapes of glasses, let us know more about the types of glasses.

There are several types of glasses based on their frame:

Full frame:When the frame completely outlines the lens, then it is called a full frame. If your glass lenses are thick, these full frames are ideal. These frames are made of either plastic or metal. The cost of plastic frames is cheaper as compared to metal frames, but they are less durable and have more weight.

Semi-rimless frame:When the upper portion of the lens is covered with a frame but the lower portion does not have any lens, it is called a semi-rimless frame. While these glasses are lighter compared to full frames, they are more prone to cracks and chips.

Rimless frame: The glasses in which the lenses are not surrounded by a frame but are connected by a bridge-like arch to connect both lenses together are called rimless frames. These frames give you a modern and elegant look. Moreover, they are lightweight and great for everyday use.

Types of glasses based on different designs of frame:

The frames of glasses come in a variety of styles. The following are some examples of frames: round, cat-eye, rectangle, oval, etc. But various designs are suited to various face types. Finding out what face shape you have will help you to reduce the number of frame options you have. The five most common face types are listed here, along with the types of frames that work best for each.

Round face shape:Faces with rounded features lack sharp edges and angles and appear spherical. Your cheekbones are the broadest section of your short face. Sharp-angled frames will assist in balancing your features. These faces work best with rectangular, browline, and brightly coloured frames.

Square face shape:The height and length of a square face are similar. Under such circumstances, the forehead is broad, and your jaw is wide and angular. Such a face shape will look best with rounded, wider shapes at the top because they add softness. Frames that are oval and rectangular will add structure and balance.

Heart shaped face:Broader forehead, prominent cheekbones, and a narrow chin are characteristics of a face with a heart shape. While rectangular or frames with a wider bottom can add balance, round frames can soften angles.

Oval face shape:The proportions of an oval face are harmonious. The cheekbones of such people are wider than their forehead, and neither the jaw nor the chin have any sharp angles. Compared to its width, an oval face is longer. It will be easier to keep your natural balance if your frames are as wide as or wider than your cheekbones. Rectangle, square, and oval frames will be the best frame designs for this face type.

Diamond-shaped face:The rarest faces are those with a diamond shape. They have prominent cheekbones, narrow foreheads, and narrow, angular jaw lines. Rounded frames will soften and balance the design. Other frames that will go well with this face type are: the browline, cat-eye, round, and aviator.

A2Z virtual try on glasses online:

Since there are so many different types of glasses, we came up with a solution for you to understand what will suit you best. Our A2Z virtual try on glasses online give you an idea of what looks best on your face. There are four different types of shades that you can choose from. They are round frame, aviator and two different types of wayfarer. Have a look at your face's frames in real time! To use the feature, simply allow access to the camera and select the frame of your choice.