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Extract url links from text - Extract Href from HTML Online

Use URL extractor to extract urls from a text

Links from HTML on a web page are scanned for and extracted using a URL extractor tool. Its numerous applications in SEO work make it a free SEO tool.

The following are some of the most significant tasks that the link extractor is used for:

  • Calculate the number of external and internal links on your website.

  • Identify and fix broken or functioning links on a website by extracting them and checking their status.

  • If you want to manually create a complete sitemap, do so when creating the sitemap.

If you're conducting cross-browser testing, a text link extractor may be helpful. For instance, if you're writing tests for moderating comments or forum posts, one common action you need to perform is to find all links in the comments and posts and determine whether they are permitted. Such test cases can be created using this program. This program can be given a variety of text fragments or multi-line strings, and it will return all of the links in them. Then, you can use the extracted links as the tests' anticipated output results. Another application for this tool is to extract every URL from a given HTML file.

How do you extract URLs from text using the A2Z link extractor?

Working with this tool is very simple. It first retrieves the webpage's source before extracting URLs from the text. You will obtain the results listed below by using this tool.

  • It provides you with the overall link count present on the website

  • It provides anchor text for each link.

  • The status of each anchor text is do-follow or no-follow.

  • You will be provided with either an internal or external link

  • Additionally, you can filter to get a list of only internal or external links.

How do I use a URL extractor?

This tool was created in a way that makes it simple for users to understand how it works and how it produces results. Entering the website address and pressing the submit button are the only requirements. After that, our tool will extract all of the website's links and show you all of the aforementioned results. This tool doesn't require registration or a captcha to use.

What is the best way to extract website URLs?

Here is how you can extract the URLs from the website:
Step 1: Click on the source code of the website. You can get the source code of a webpage by clicking on Ctrl+U.

Step 2: Copy the source code.

Step 3: Paste the source code in the "Add text or HTML" area of the A2Z extract URL links from the text and click on "copy."

The result will be visible in the area mentioning “Extracted URL Links”.

Features of A2Z link extractor:

Every aspect of our tool is secure and safe. It is also free to use and is one of the best tools available online.

There are no restrictions when using this tool; you can run as many checks as you like. To make this tool work more quickly, we did not even add a captcha or a registration process.