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Use HTML tag remover To Strip HTML Online From Any Text

The HTML tag remover strips HTML formatting from the text and converts HTML code to text so it can be saved and shared as text. When unnecessary HTML tags are removed from a web page, the process is known as HTML stripping.

Internet web pages use the markup language known as Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). HTML elements specify how a web browser should present the content on a page. HTML tags are used to enclose elements, indicating to the page where an element begins and ends.

The Text extract function in the HTML tag remover can be used to remove any HTML tags from your data. This is beneficial if an app requires plain language rather than HTML.

This is frequently used when someone wants to publish an article on a website that they do not own or manage. Some websites place strict restrictions on what content can be added as HTML. In some cases, this might even mean removing tags that are necessary for formatting or defining a webpage's layout.

This is a helpful tool for bloggers who want reader feedback on their blog posts without being burdened by all the extra formatting that the comment system might add.

Both content writers and web developers can use HTML Stripper to remove HTML tags from their content before publishing it or sending it to their contact list.

How does HTML tags remover work?

JavaScript regex is used to strip HTML online of its tags while applying logic to determine whether a new line should be added.

The HTML tag code is not removed from the server using this method.

When uploading a file, the browser reads the file and removes the tags. When uploading a URL, the browser sends the URL to the server, which returns HTML data after removing the tags.

Along with regular text content, this JavaScript-based tool will also extract the text for the HTML button element and the title metatag.

All this might seem too technical, so with the help of A2Z HTML tag remover, you can instantly remove HTML tags from a string of content without paying any cost. This tool will automatically remove all the HTML elements from the entire web page's code or just a portion of it, leaving only the text content you specify.

Give it a try if you need to get rid of HTML tags; it does a pretty good job of stripping out unnecessary HTML elements in a user-friendly manner.

Here are some steps that you can follow to strip HTML online:

Step 1: Select the source code of a website for which you want to strip HTML online. You can find the source code by clicking CTRL+U.

Step 2: Copy the source code of the website.

Step 3: Paste the source code into the designated area of the A2Z tool HTML tag remover. The designated area is labeled as HTML text.

Step 4: Click on "Remove HTML." It will then remove all the HTML tags, and the text will be displayed in the area labeled “plain text.”

You can then click on the “Copy” button to copy the plain text.

What is Strip HTML or HTML tag remover tool?

The HTML Tags Remover tool removes HTML tags from HTML Text Online By Simple Steps.

Just copy and paste the text or write straight into the input text area, hit the Remove HTML Button and the tool will remove the HTML Tags & return a plain string to the below text area.

A Strip HTML Example


<div class="row justify-content-between">

    <div class="col-lg-5 d-flex align-items-center justify-content-center about-img">

        <img src="/WebsiteTemplate/assets/img/about-img.svg" class="img-fluid aos-init aos-animate" alt="" data-aos="zoom-in">


    <div class="col-lg-7 pt-5 pt-lg-0">

        <h3 data-aos="fade-up" class="aos-init aos-animate">You are checking a2z.tools strip HTML example</h3>




You are checking the a2z.tools strip HTML example

What is HTML?

The HTML "Hypertext Markup Language" is the markup language for documents designed to be shown in any web browser. It can be helped by different technologies such as CSS ( Cascading Style Sheets) and scripting languages such as Jquery, JavaScript, etc.

HTML tags are used to build website content (textbox, tables, hyperlinks, images, media files, etc). The HTML tags are not shown in the browsers, they only “teach” the browsers how to display the contents of any web page.

HTML consists of a sequence of codes utilized to structure images, texts, media, and other contents to be shown in any browser.

There are more than100 HTML tags. HTML tags are written in between angle brackets (example: ).

Most of HTML tags comes in couples, like <p></p> tags (opening tag and closing tag) . The first tag in a pair is called the opening(START) tag, and the 2nd tag is the closing (end) tag.

The other tags are written between opening & closing tags.

There are odd, or empty tags also in Html, which have only an opening tag. (exp. ).

Use our A2Z Tools HTML Remover tool to extract text strings from the HTML source code.