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Address by lat long

How to get the address by lat long?

While using Google Maps, you must have observed that coordinates display on your screen. These coordinates are nothing but an address in the form of latitude and longitude. These coordinates help you find the exact location of a place on Earth. Both these coordinates are calculated by taking Earth’s centre as their reference point.

What is latitude and longitude?

  1. Longitude in an address:
  2. Longitude is referred to as an angle pointing west or east and is defined using the Greenwich Meridian, which is thought to be the Prime Meridian. The longest possible definition of longitude is 180 degrees east and 180 degrees west of the Prime Meridian. Positive longitudes are those to the east of the prime meridian, while negative longitudes are those to the west of the prime meridian.

  3. Latitude in an address:
  4. The angle measured about the equator is defined as latitude. It is represented by the Greek letter phi and depicts the angle formed between the equatorial plane and a straight line at a particular point. Latitude is measured in degrees, from 0° to 90° on either side of the equator, defining northern and southern latitudes. The line at latitude 0° is known as the equator. Latitudes to the north are positive, and those to the south are negative.

What is Geocoding and Reverse Geocoding?

The process of turning a human-readable address into the latitude and longitude of a place on a map is known as "geocoding." You can use the A2Z geocoding tool to convert address into latitude and longitude. Reverse geocoding is the process of converting a coordinate on a map into an address that can be read by humans. This means you can convert latitude and longitude coordinates into a readable address using this method. Many reverse geocoding softwares and applications require only a latitude and longitude to obtain the textual address's location parameter. Most often, reverse geocoders provide many results, which are further sorted from best to worst matches.

Reverse Geocoding tool:

The reverse geocoding software can be used to locate an address on a map by latitude and longitude for navigational purposes, i.e., you can convert the latitude and longitude provided by a GPS navigation system into an address. While there are many online reverse geocoding tools available, you can try the A2Z reverse geocoding tool to help you get any address by latitude and longitude. Our A2Z tool is free and easily accessible. Simply enter the required latitude and longitude coordinates and click the Get Address button. You can directly copy the geocoded address from the address section, as it is displayed below along with latitude and longitude. You should be aware that the address can be found on the map along with the latitude and longitude. If the reverse geocoding process fails, then only the latitude and longitude details will be displayed on the map. Using this tool, you may find the latitude and longitude of a location and see its coordinates on a map. The proper latitude and longitude coordinates are displayed at the bottom of the latitude and longitude finder form when you search for a location using the name of a city, town, or special location. The location you discover will then be shown with the map's point in the centre.