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Convert square feet to square meter

Use this area converter tool to easily convert square feet to square meter or convert square meter to square feet

Learn to convert square feet to square meters

Both square feet and square metres are used for measuring the area of 2-D spaces, like the area of land. Since square feet are not part of the International System of Units like square metres, many people like to convert square feet to square metres. In this article, we will see an easy method through which the conversion can be done.

Square feet and square meters:

The area of a square with each side measured in as one foot is known as the square foot. It can be abbreviated as sq ft. It is often used in nations such as India, United Kingdom, Pakistan, Malaysia, etc. to calculate area of land, interior spaces etc.

The area of a square, with each side having a measurement of one metre, can be referred to as square metres. It is represented by sq mt or m². The size of enormous land plots, homes, and rooms are frequently calculated using this unit.

How do you convert square feet to square metres?

One square foot is equivalent to 0.0929 square metres. Thus, if you want to convert square feet to square metres, you need to multiply the value by 0.0929. If you are converting a smaller value, then this method is simple. However, the conversion of larger values might generate errors.

In order to accurately convert square feet to square metres, one can use the A2Z conversion tool. You can enter the value of square feet to convert it to square metres. The same method can be used to convert values from square metres to square feet.