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A quotation is a formal document or a legal agreement prepared by the seller and issued to the buyer.

A price quote was given to the buyer or a customer who purchases products, goods, or services from the seller.

Price Quote

It is a fixed price offer that cannot be changed after acceptance by the customer.


It is related to the price of the commodity or project. An approximate price of the task that is probably going to cost.

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  1. Enter the "Quotation No", Create a unique quote number every time. This makes classification and identification easier.
  2. Quotation Date, sender details, and Recipient Details. Add the issue date when offers will be sent to customers. This lets the customer know when the offer is valid. in the Services or Products for a while.
  3. Generate GST/VST simple and easy to convert, if you're adding GST Quotation then choose GST.
  4. Multi-Currency support helps in Converting INR to foreign currency and also fetches real price rates.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Yes, Quotation maker is completely free and no charges are applied.

Yes, there are many templates provided.

Yes, Click on the upper right corner and upload the desired logo. JPEG and PNG images are supported.