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Percentage calculator

What is x % of y ? (Eg: 5% of 100 equal 5)

Formula:what is x % of y? formula

x is what % of y ? (Eg: 5 is 5% of 100 )

Formula:x is what % of y ? formula

x is y% of what? (Eg: 5 is 1% of 500 )

Formula:x is y% of what? formula

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Learn Percentage in a fun way using Percentage calculator

Are you interested in calculating the discounts that you are going to get on purchasing a particular item? Or are you interested in calculating the bank's interest rates or the rate of inflation? It is important to know the percentage formula to make these calculations. And if you want to make these calculations easy, then you can use a percentage calculator too.

What is the percentage?

Percentages are the name given to fractions with a denominator of 100. To put it another way, it's the relationship between a part and a whole in which the value of the whole is always assumed to be 100. The percentage term comes from the Latin word "per centum," which translates to "by the hundred." It is represented by the symbol "%".

Here is some day-to-day usage of percentage:

Percentages are an important part of our lives. The percentage can be used for a variety of purposes, including calculating exam results and salary increases. The simplest way to use percentages is to compare two numbers, with the second number being rebased to 100.

Below are a few examples of how percentages can be used:

  • When you need to determine "how much" or "how many," use the percentage. Calculating the precise amount or figure that is being discussed is made easier with the help of a percentage.
  • When you need to compare fractions.
  • Calculating the percentage increase or decrease.
  • When you need to find the profit and loss percentages.

Now that we are aware of how percentages can be used, let us have an insight into its everyday application:

  • Comparing two quantities using percentages is their most basic application.
  • Percentages are useful when reviewing or comparing outcomes and progress. For example: When you need to calculate your exam result.
  • Percentages are important in our daily lives. A percentage can be used to compare and contrast various topics. The problem could be associated with geography, health, or something else entirely.
  • Percentages can be used to evaluate large amounts of data quickly and accurately.
  • In elections, percentages are used to represent the number of votes cast for various candidates.
  • The percentage is used most commonly in the business world. Profit or loss could serve as an example.
  • The government greatly benefits from the percentage when it comes to making reservations and launching numerous initiatives for many people.
  • The percentage is a very useful tool for expressing numerical data most straightforwardly.
  • Percentage provides data on the rise in urbanization, civilization, and output in any industry.

How to calculate percentage?

The percentage can be calculated using a percentage formula. However, we must first comprehend the elements of the percentage before we can calculate it. There are three sections or variables in a percentage formula, which makes them simpler to solve. These are:

  1. Percentage
  2. Part
  3. Whole

For example:

⇒20% of 200 is 40.

⇒20% of 200=40.



In the given example,

Percentage is 20%

Part is 40

And, the whole is 200.

Percentage change:

Either an increase or a decrease in the percentage from the prior value is indicated by percentage change. If the new value is higher than the old value, then there is a percentage increase. If the new value is lower than the initial value, then there is a percentage decrease.

Percentage calculator:

A mathematical tool for calculating percentages is called a percentage calculator. You can enter a number into the percentage calculator, and it will return the percentage as a decimal. You can also use the percentage calculator to determine the increase or decrease in number.

Here is how you can use a percentage calculator for percent calculations

“X” percent of “Y”

“X” as a percentage of “Y”

Enter the numbers in the respective field

X% of Y ? (Eg. 5% of 100 equal 5)

Assume X is “20” and y is “100”, percentage formula is

20 is divided by 100 and multiplied by 100

Determine the percentage using the percentage formula.

Percentage = (Value/Total value) x100

Let the value be x and the total value be y.

Assume percentage as “Z”

So , Z = X * Y/100,

For Example:Z = 20*100/100 = 20.00

Result 20% of 100 equal 20

X is Y% of what?

Percentage, % = (Value/Total value) x100

For Example:5 is 1% of 500

Formula is Z = X*100/Y = 5*100/1

Result 5 is 1% of 500

You can use our A2Z online percentage tool for:

  • Calculating the percentage which further helps in determining the profit or loss incurred by a business or company.
  • The tool can help businesses to promote discounts in percentage.
  • It is used for calculating investments and loans in percentages.

Our A2Z percentage calculator is free to use and helps you to calculate percentage in an easy and user-friendly way.