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Convert meter to millimeter

Use this length converter tool to easily convert meter to millimeter or convert millimeter to meter

Convert meter to millimeter for free using A2Z tool

Are you looking for a tool to convert meter into millimeters? If yes, you can opt for our A2Z online tool for the conversion.


It is the unit of length in the International System of Units and is used to measure an object's dimension or distance between two points. It is denoted by letter ‘m’. Its standard spelling is "metre," which is used in many nations of the world, including the UK, Philippines, India, etc. However, in the US it is spelt as “meter”.

It is defined as the distance covered by light during a time interval of 1/299 792 458 of a second while travelling through empty space. The previous definition, based on krypton-86, was replaced by this one in 1983. It had previously been replaced by the definition based on the platinum-iridium metre bar kept in Paris. One metre is equals to 1000 millimetre.


One thousandth of a metre is equivalent to one millimetre in the International System of Units. Just like metre, it can either be spelled as millimeter or millimetre depending on the nation you are in. It is represented by mm. Millimetres are mostly used when people have to measure tiny objects.

You might have noticed the longer lines with numbers underneath them in the ruler's picture. These numbers indicate centimetres. Then there are some smaller lines too, which indicate millimetres.

Converting metre into millimetre:

Multiply the given metre value by 1000 to convert it to millimetres (metre to mm).

The following is an example of how to convert 5 metres to millimetres:

> As mentioned above, 1 m = 1000 mm

> Thus, 10 m = 10 x 1000 mm

> 10 m = 10,000 mm

> Therefore, 10 metres equals 10,000 millimetres

A2Z tool to convert metre to millimetre:

While converting small numbers is easy, it becomes daunting when one needs to convert a large value. Under this circumstance, one can use the A2Z tool to convert metre to millimetre or vice versa. All you need to do is to enter the value of metre in the input field labelled as metre and you will get result in millimetre. In a similar manner, you can enter the value of millimetre in the input field labelled as millimetre and you will receive the result in metres.