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Multiline String to single Line converter online

What is Multiline to Single Line Converter?

Use our Multiline to Single Line Converter to convert various lines of text to a single line and text to one line. Furthermore, Multiline to Single line converter is a free platform for safe and fast work.

How to convert multiline to a single line?

If you are new to this converter, follow the below steps:

  • Step 1: Be ready with the text which you want to convert
  • Step 2: Paste the text in the box provided
  • Step 3: Finally click on Convert

How to use Multiline to Single Line Converter?

  1. Click on A2Z Tools
  2. Copy and Paste the multiline text in the box
  3. Now click on Convert
  4. However, it takes a while to convert the text into a single line.

Multiline Text

"Welcome to a
our free
online tool"

Final result

"Welcome to a our free online tool"