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How old am I today?

If you want to know your age, we can use a mathematical calculation or use an age calculator. Moreover, with the age calculator tool, you can determine how many years, months, weeks, days, and hours have passed since the day you were born. To calculate your age, start entering your date of birth to Calculate to Current Date and Calculate to Given Date.

Calculating your Age

Calculate your age by finding the difference between your DOB and the current date. What we are discovering is how much time has crossed since your date of birth. The date/age calculator can be used not only to determine the number of days you have but also to calculate the number of days, weeks, and months before an event, for example, to calculate the number of days left before your birthday, count by Christmas flip, etc. You can also use the YEAR function to calculate the age in Excel in a specified date range. YEARFRAC calculates a decimal number that represents the fraction of a year between two dates. 

This formula is useful in situations where the completion date of calculation is not defined and only the year is known. If you want to be specific, you can also calculate the age of a person in history by subtracting the year of birth from the current year. To calculate age using this method, first, subtract the date and then divide by 365.2422. In this example, I only used "Y", which means that the formula calculates the total number of years that have passed between two specified dates. Note that if you use method 1 above to calculate age, this formula will return to the original end date in approximately 75% of the time (up to 3 days can be closed) and if you use method 1 above to calculate age in years, months and days, This formula will return to the original start date at 100%. You can also calculate age to show how many years have passed since the date of birth.