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Currency Converter Online

About our Currency Converter Tool

Using our currency converter, you can convert currencies to be used in any place in the world. Enter the values below and save the results for today's exchange rates.

Here are some examples of how you can use our currency converter:

  • > Convert Euros to Dollars: $1 = €0.78

  • > Convert Yuan Renminbi to US Dollars: $1 = ¥7.32

  • > Convert Rand to Euro: $1 = €0.45

  • > Convert Kwanza to Rand: R$0.01 = Z$0.54

  • > Convert Pounds to Euros: £1 = €0.82

  • > Convert US Dollars to Mexican Pesos: $1 = 20.71 MXP

You can enter the following values also in any pair of two currencies in the converter tool at any time when you are planning your vacation, making purchases online, or planning your shopping trip to another country.

A currency converter is a helpful tool if you are planning a vacation or a business trip to another country. You can enter the conversion values here to convert the cost of your trip into your own currency. For example, if you are traveling to Italy, you will know how many Euros or other currencies you need to pay for items there. If you plan on buying any souvenirs or gifts while traveling, use our currency exchanger to calculate the cost of souvenirs and gifts before purchasing them.