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Free Email Verification

Best Email Verifier tool

A free email verification tool online

Use the free email verification tool to make sure emails don't bounce

A free email verification tool helps you to check and authenticate email IDs that you've been given to ensure that they connect you to a real person. 

Email Verification: 

The process of validating and authenticating emails that have been given to you to make sure they are legitimate and likely to connect you to a real person is known as email verification. In other words, it involves ensuring that the messages you have sent have a recipient.

You can respond to each email as it is received. But, it's a good idea to run through your email list thoroughly if you have one already and have never checked it before.

You'll eventually be grateful for email verification because it has a significant impact on your email marketing strategy.

Aside from verifying emails, there is no simple way to determine which users may be fake and which may be waiting for a subject line to connect with them. You can, however, watch which addresses aren't opening your emails.

Why should you verify emails?

Sending emails to an email directory that hasn't been verified could adversely affect your email marketing strategy.  Your sales and marketing teams may suffer as a result. Here are some issues that email verification can help to avoid.

Your email data is inappropriate.

Unchecked email lists nearly always indicate that the data you're receiving is inaccurate.

You don't know whether a 40% open rate is actually true if 100 of the emails on your list have never been confirmed. Are 60 users reading the email's subject line not interested in opening it?  Or, perhaps there are like 40 users who are not interested in the email's subject line, and 20 of the emails either don't get through or end up in empty inboxes.

Your data hygiene is poor if you lack a clean list. It becomes impossible to accurately assess the performance of your campaigns due to the deterioration of your KPIs, which also makes it practically impossible to adjust them for better results later.

It can drive up marketing costs

In general, email is a very efficient, economical, and profitable platform. But as soon as you start considering a sizable, unmaintained email list, your expenses rise and your ROI declines.

On a per-user basis, email software is incredibly cheap, but the majority of providers offer tiered pricing depending on how many users you wish to keep in the database. Your list is costing you extra if it contains a significant proportion of stellar emails. Your marketing department, or perhaps your company overall, may use that money in different ways.

It might divert your sales team.

Your sales team will contact you as soon as new leads are received. This is how the funnel functions. And while lead scoring might undoubtedly aid them in concentrating on the individuals to pursue the most, the truth is that they will contact everyone, even if a lead otherwise seems like a potential candidate barring a weak email.

Your team should be focused on the best potential sources for revenue acceleration. A simple step in this direction is email verification.

The following are some ways that email verification can affect email marketing performance:

1. Email verification makes it easier to remove outdated emails from your list. Generally speaking, you need to check your list every two months. By doing this, invalid email addresses that have accumulated due to natural data decay and other reasons, such as users providing incomplete email addresses during signup, are eliminated. 

2. Cleaning your email list lowers the rate of hard bounces and decreases the possibility that your email service provider will link your IP to spamming. In the end, this enhances your sender's reputation and lessens the possibility of being added to email blocklists. 

3. Email marketing is more effective when deliverability rates are higher. You have a greater chance of increasing open and engagement rates the more of your email subscribers receive them in their inboxes without bouncing back.

4. Your email list is expanding slowly; perhaps a new subscriber joins every other week. You can use our free email verifier to check someone's address after you notice them signing up for your emails. This way, you can determine whether the email is legitimate and safe to use or whether it is spam, abuse, or a temporary email.

How to verify email?

You can do an email verification using our A2Z best email verifier tool. This free email verification tool will tell you whether an email ID exists. All you have to do is to enter the email ID and click “verify”. It will show you the status, domain, and type of the website.

Why use A2Z best email verifier tool?

A2Z best email verifier tool that helps to check email addresses at any time without any cost. It will help you verify email IDs online without even sending an email.