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BARCODE Generator - Generate barcode online

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Guidelines to generate barcode online

A2Z Tools offers a free barcode generator to create a wide variety of barcodes. These barcodes are used in various industrial sectors, and you can use the form to generate individual barcodes as per requirement or type. Our Barcode Generator is a free utility and does not carry any guarantee or technical support.

What is barcode?

Barcode is a method through which data can be read in a visual format that can be read by machines. These machines are specialised optical scanners known as barcode readers. Earlier barcodes were present in the form of parallel lines with different lengths, spacings, and diameters, which were called linear or one-dimensional barcodes. Later, two-dimensional (2D) variations were created utilising hexagons, dots, rectangles, and other patterns. These are known as 2D barcodes, even though they don't actually use bars. They are also called matrix codes or QR codes. These 2-D barcodes can be scanned by mobile phones too. A digital camera attached to a computer running software that captures a picture of the barcode can also scan 2D barcodes.

What is the purpose of a barcode?

Barcodes became successful when they were used in shopping malls to automate the checkouts. In addition to being used in retail stores as a part of the purchasing process, barcodes are also used on invoices to aid in accounting and in warehouses to track inventory. Here are a few of the top advantages of using barcode scanners in your business:

  1. Low error:
  2. There is a significantly lower risk of errors because barcodes eliminate the need to enter the products manually. Shop owners simply swipe the barcode across the scanner, whether it is in a retail establishment or a warehouse. It is very uncommon for barcodes to have errors.

  3. Instant data update:
  4. When an employee scans a barcode, the enterprise resource planning (ERP) or business management system of the company instantly updates inventory and sales figures. A company can quickly calculate useful metrics like inventory turn, value of inventory on hand, or sales per week by item thanks to this constant access to up-to-date data.

  5. Self-explanatory:
  6. Generally, the use of barcodes and scanners doesn't require much instruction, so even new employees can quickly become productive at the checkout counter. Additionally, barcodes significantly lessen the need for institutional knowledge and memorization. For instance, a worker at a clothing store can easily use the barcode without knowing the codes of popular items.

  7. Reduces irrational spending on inventory:
  8. Barcodes help with better management of the inventory and curb irrational product spending. When reviewing inventory positions or demand trends, employees can always find the most recent information, enabling them to make better purchasing and discounting decisions. As a result, carrying costs for both current and obsolete inventory are reduced, increasing long-term profitability.

  9. Low cost:
  10. Barcodes are incredibly valuable because they require a small initial investment compared to other technologies that have similar advantages. Even a small company with limited products can invest in barcodes and their technologies. They can later update their software and barcodes with a very small investment.

Use of QR-codes:

Similarly, 2-D barcodes or QR codes are used for the following purposes:

    1. These codes are used by magazines and newspapers to connect their articles to their online content.

    2. Many apps such as Whatsapp use QR codes to link to their web version.

    3. Mobile wallets such as Google Pay, PayTM or Phone Pay use QR codes for the payment.

    4. QR codes are also generated as a ticket to an event.

How to use this tool?

While there are so many uses and benefits of barcodes, here is a simple method through which you can use them. Use our A2Z tool to generate barcode online. It is not just easy but also free of cost. The tool helps you to generate both 1-D and 2-D barcodes online. Here is an easy ebay to generate barcode using A2Z tool:

  • Step 1: Click the type of barcode you want to generate.
  • Step 2: Select the size, background and shape of the barcode.
  • Step 3: Select the format of your barcode. This means that whether you want it in Canvas form or CSS form. Remember, if you download it in Canvas format then the barcode cannot be used in Internet Explorer.
  • Step 4: Now click on “Generate the barcode” button. It will help you to generate barcode online.

Our A2Z tool also provides two options to download the barcode, i.e; Jpg and PNG. You can select either of the two format to download your barcode.