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Dead pixel checker - Dead pixel test online

How to use a dead pixel checker to test your dead pixels on your screen?

Are you sure if your screen is working fine? If not, then use a dead pixel checker to check if every color of every pixel is working perfectly well or if they have any problems. But before we proceed, let us have an idea of what a pixel and a dead pixel are.

Pixel: The tiniest component of your device’s screen is called a pixel. There are thousands of pixels in every image, video, and website. Since it is difficult to distinguish individual pixels up close, the image appears to have enough pixels to look natural.

Dead pixels are just "dots" or collections of dots that don't match the background color; for example, black dots on a blue background. One of the main reasons for the creation of dead pixels is the transistors that are stuck either switched “on” or switched “off”.

Dead pixels are actually quite prevalent, and occasionally manufacturers intentionally send defective monitors to the store and only replace them when the customer complains. Water damage and aging are the other common causes of dead pixels.

The reason why you should check for a dead pixel on your screen:

If you are a content creator, such as an artist, graphic designer, web designer, game creator, etc., then you need to ensure that your screens work perfectly fine. As a result, you must check your display or screen for dead pixels. Whether it's on your laptop, desktop monitor, or smartphone, a dead pixel can be extremely annoying.

This is how you use a dead pixel checker:

If you are interested in checking for dead pixels on your screen, then you can use our A2Z dead pixel checker. It is very easy to check your monitor for dead pixels, just follow a few steps given below:

Step 1: Wipe the screen of your monitor to remove any stains.

Step 2: Click on the link here.

Step 3: To begin testing, click on any of the boxes. Allow your eyes to adjust to the brightness for a moment.

Step 4: Look for any small "dots" that seem out of place on your monitor's screen to see if there are any dead pixels there.

Step 5: Use the arrow keys on your keyboard or the buttons on the screen to go to the next color.

You can leave by pressing the ESC key on your keyboard once you've looked at all the colors and found no dead pixels.

You can try to fix the dead screen by rubbing the stuck pixel with a damp cloth or a sharp but gentle object, such as the eraser on the end of a pencil.

Our online dead pixel checker works by showing you a full screen of all the primary colors so that you can identify if there are any dead pixels.