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Keyword Rank Checker


Our free keyword rank checker can be used as a Google Keyword position checker for your Website, this checks the keywords or phrases you find out through the search engine results to confirm the position of your website for that term. For example, if you penetrate any keyword and the tool gives "Xyz" as an outcome, then it shows that your site stands the top rank on Google search for that word with regard to your preferred search engine(location-based). On the other pointer, if the result shows"10," then it refers to 10th rank on google.

This Google Search position checker permits you to study not only yours but the position of any website for any term by simply inserting the appropriate keywords and domains. Thus, you should use this free keyword rank checker for leading self or competitive keyword rank research. It is as simple as you just put the keywords and website page domain and with a single click, you get precise consequences immediately.