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Keyword Rank Checker

Use Free Keyword Rank Checker Tool For SEO

One of the most essential tools that every SEO specialist should be familiar with is the Keyword Rank Checker. It helps an SEO expert to know how well their sites rank for their target keywords. Additionally, they must monitor the rankings of their rivals.

By manually entering search engine queries, you can accomplish this. However, it takes time, and it might not be accurate. For the most part, this is done automatically by a tonne of fantastic tools.

What is a keyword position checker?

You can use the Google rank checker tool to see where your website landing pages appear when someone searches for your targeted keywords.

What makes keyword rank checkers so important?

It's common practice for website owners and marketers to regularly check and monitor the keyword positions of their websites. It gives you the ability to assess how well your current SEO campaign is working.

Your website should consistently show up on the first page (top 10 positions) of search results for your targeted keywords.

However, these positions are frequently held by well-known figures in the sector, particularly for single-word searches with a high volume of results. For instance, if your website sells products, you may notice that the first few results are dominated by websites like Amazon and eBay.

Why is a first-page Google ranking important?

Congratulations if you checked the rankings for your website and discovered that you are among the top 10!

However, your work isn’t necessarily finished.

It's worthwhile to dig into some stats to provide some insight into the percentage of overall traffic your website is likely to receive based on its search position.

Consider the top 10 results from Google. Google is by far the most widely used option among users when they conduct a specific search because it is the largest search engine in the world. However, the amount of search engine traffic you're likely to get will depend on how far up the first page your website appears.

There are two sections to the Google results. The first one is the paid ads. Typically, there are three of these, followed by the second section—ten "organic" search results. Instead of being paid for, the organic results are those that have earned their place on the page.

According to statistics, 90% of user clicks go to the top 10 organic results, with the remaining 10% going to paid results.

The top spot is typically clicked on by 33% of searchers, which explains why it is so highly desired. Following this, 66% of users will click one of the next three results—the second, third, or fourth—with the percentage of clicks decreasing as we scroll further down the results page.

Additionally, less than 5% of users typically click through to the second page, indicating that it is not really worthwhile to appear if you are not on page 1.

How can I improve the positions of the keywords on my website?

If you checked your rankings and weren't on the first page of results or are dissatisfied with your rank, you have a number of options.

Giving Google what it wants is the most notable action you can take. In order to achieve this, you must optimize your website for the more than 200 factors that Google considers when displaying search results.

The key criteria that Google typically considers are listed below. They are high user engagement/satisfaction signals, comprehensive quality content, and quality backlinks. The latter signals include, for example, bounce rate and the amount of time spent on the website.

Now that you know the significance of search result rankings, here is how you can check the keyword positions on your website:

Since this is a tool for determining search engine rankings, it searches through search engine results for the word or phrase you entered to determine the position held by the relevant website.

If the results page displays "1," that means the entered website is currently ranked first on Google. If it says "10," that means it is currently ranked #10 on Google.

If you are unhappy with the rank, you should take the following actions:

  • Publish good content on a regular basis.
  • Establishing trustworthy backlinks.
  • Carry out a keyword search.
  • Regularly perform SEO audits on your website.

Additionally, you should utilize our many other free SEO tools, such as the Keyword Suggestions Tool, Backlink Maker, and Keyword Position Checker.

You can also use our A2Z position checker in the following ways:

Our free keyword rank checker can be used as a Google Keyword position checker for your website; it verifies the position of your website for any keywords or phrases you discover through the search engine results.

By entering the appropriate keywords and domains, you can use this Google Search position checker to examine not only your own website's ranking but also the position of any other website for any term. Therefore, you should use this free keyword rank checker to conduct competitive or self-directed keyword rank research. Simply enter the keywords and website page domain, and with a single click, you will receive accurate results right away.