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Convert square acre to square kilometer

Use this area converter tool to easily convert square acre to square kilometer or convert square kilometer to square acre

Convert square acre to square kilometre using our A2Z tool

To convert square acre to square kilometre, one needs to follow the method mentioned below:

Since one acre is equal to 0.004047 square kilometers, you can multiply the value of acre with the number mentioned to convert. This calculation might generate error if the value of acre is large. Thus, we have another simple method for the conversion. You can use our A2Z conversion tool to convert square acre into square kilometre and vice versa. But before we talk about how to use the tool, let us understand about the two unit.


Acre is a widely accepted unit of measurement that is used to measure plots and large areas of land. It is among the oldest units that is being used, and both the US and the British imperial system of units accept it. An acre was once used to estimate the amount of land that could be plowed by one man in a single day. It is commonly used in nations including Bangladesh, Canada, France, Germany, India, Jamaica, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. The value of acre differs in different country. In India agricultural plots are measured in square acres.

Square kilometre:

A square with each sides having one kilometer length is referred to as a square kilometer. Depending on the nation you reside in, the unit can be spelt as Square Kilometer or Square Kilometre. It is abbreviated as sq mt. It is frequently used to refer to vast regions, such as the length and breadth of parks, towns, nations, etc.

How to use A2Z tool to convert square acre to square kilometre?

All you need is to enter the value of square acre and the result will be the value of square kilometre. Similarly, you can enter the value of square kilometre to generate the result.