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Javascript Minifier - Minifier Javascript online

About JavaScript Minifier

Our JavaScript Minifier is an online converter(JS Compressor) that enables you to reduce JavaScript file size by up to 80% of its initial size. Just copy and paste your code and click minify. The optimized code will be generated and you can directly copy the minified JS code.

Why Minify JS (JavaScript) code?

There are various reasons to minify JS code:

  • Quicker and faster download times for your users.
  • The minified JS code reduces the bandwidth consumption of your website.
  • It also reduces the number of HTTP requests on your server when linking many JavaScript files into one compressed and minified file.
  • When minifying JavaScript, reduces the server load time and allows more visitors to reach your website.
  • Also, comments and extra spaces are not needed for JavaScript implementation; Removing the unnecessary elements will reduce JS file size and speed up the JavaScript execution times.

A JS Minify Example:



<h1 id="myH"></h1>

<p id="myP"></p>

// To Changing heading:
document.getElementById("myH").innerHTML = "This is JavaScript Comments";
// Change paragraph:
document.getElementById("myP").innerHTML = " this is paragraph.";




<body><h1 id="myH"></h1><p id="myP"></p><script>//Change heading:document.getElementById("myH").innerHTML="JavaScript Comments";//Change paragraph:document.getElementById("myP").innerHTML="My first paragraph.";</script></body>