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Convert kilogram to ounce

Use this weight converter tool to easily convert kilogram to ounce or convert ounce to kilogram

Easy method to convert kilogram to ounce

Kilograms and ounces are units used to measure mass. While Kilogrammes are used to measure weight in India, many Western countries, such as the United Kingdom, the United States, etc., measure weight in ounces. Thus, if you want to compare one unit to the other then you need to convert kilogram to ounce or vice versa.


It is the International System of Units of Weight of any object and is abbreviated as kg. It was defined in 1795 as the weight of 1 liter of water.


The weight, mass, or volume are all calculated using an ounce. The word "oz," which is derived from the word "onza," is used to represent an ounce. One ounce is recognized as the smallest unit of measurement. Although it can also be used to weigh products like yogurt and honey, an ounce is mostly used to measure dry materials, paper, and metal like gold and silver, etc.

How to convert Kilogram to Ounce?

The value of the kilogram must be divided by 0.0283495231 to convert kilogram to ounce. The division will generate the value in ounces.

Based on the same formula, the A2Z tool has derived a tool that simplifies the process of conversion from kilogram to ounce and vice versa.

In this online tool, you need to enter the value of kilogram and it will give you the result in ounces or you can enter the value of ounce and the result will be generated in kilogram.