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Convert meter to centimeter

Use this length converter tool to easily convert meter to centimeter or convert centimeter to meter

Compare Length Of Small Objects By Using A2Z Tool To Convert Metre To Centimetre

While a metre can be used to measure the length of large objects, centimetres can be used to calculate the length of small objects. Now if you want to do a comparison between the two, then under such circumstances it is important to convert metre to centimetre or vice versa.


The metric system and the International System of Units both use the metre as the basic unit of length (SI). Initially, a metre was defined as a ten-millionth of the length from the north pole to the equator on the surface of the Earth, measured along a line through Paris. Expeditions from 1792 to 1799 measured the distance from Dunkirk to Barcelona and calculated the length with an accuracy of about 0.02%.

Since 1983, the length of the path taken by light in a vacuum during a period of time equal to 1/299 792 458 of a second has been the international definition of the metre. Modern methods can be used to easily and precisely realise this definition, and since the speed of light is thought to be a universal constant, it is the perfect foundation for a length standard. Metre is represented by m.


The CGS unit for measuring the length of small objects is the centimetre. It is mostly used in electromagnetic and thermal physics. It is represented by cm, and thus 15 centimetres can be written as 15 cm. One centimetre can be defined as either one-hundredth of a metre or as the distance that light takes to travel in a second.

Converting metre to centimetre:

If you want to convert metre to cm, then you need to multiply the value of metre by 100 cm, For example, if you want to convert 15 metres to centimetre then you need to multiply it by 100 and the result will be 1500 cm.

A2Z tool to convert metre to centimetre:

Now if you are looking for an online tool for conversion, you can check our A2Z conversion tool to convert metre to centimetre. You can easily use this tool without paying any charges. Another best part about the tool is that it is online and is thus compatible with all browsers. You can use the tool to convert metre to centimetre and vice versa.