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What is my ip address look-up

What Is My IP?

What is my IP address is a tool created by A2Z Tools that allow the users to find the IP address information. Furthermore, knowing your public IP address is important for online gaming and the IP address allotted to your home network enables you to connect to the internet.

Here are some details that you will get from this tool:

  • The Organization's name
  • ASN details
  • IP's hostname
  • Country
  • Region or State
  • City
  • Latitude and Longitude
  • Area Code (or Postal Code) and Time Zone

What is IP Address?

IP address means Internet Protocol Address. An IP is a unique number allotted to all information technology-connected devices. The IP address recognizes and permits these devices the capability to interact with each other on an internal or external network. Furthermore, any device that broadcasts or receives internet traffic will be allowed an IP address.

Moreover, IP addresses may be static or dynamic. Email server, Business server, or permanent home resident uses Static IPs. Static IPs are assigned from your Internet Service Provider.

Dynamic IP addresses are usually allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Residential customers are often assigned with a Dynamic IP address.