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Internet Speed test - Test Your Connection speed

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About our Internet Speed Test Tool

Internet Speed Test by A2Z Tools is the absolute way to test the speed and performance of your internet service connection. Every day, more than ten million unique tests are started by our users from various locations and during times when their internet connectivity matters to them. Our free internet speed testing tool allows our user to check their internet connection speed without any hassle.

A2Z tool is committed to providing transparency into the internet connection speed making users understand the value and requirement of high-speed internet. Moreover, we aim to help our users assess the speed of their internet connections through the Internet Speed Testing tool. The Internet Speed Test is currently available for the web at Internet Speed Test.

How to use the Internet Speed Test tool?
  1. Go to A2Z Tools
  2. Click on Internet Speed Test
  3. Once clicked, your internet connection speed will show automatically
  4. If you want to restart the test, just refresh the page

Why should I test my Internet Speed?

The Internet Speed Test is a powerful way for individuals and corporate sectors to measure the speed of their internet connection. Internet service providers sell packages based on speed, so it's necessary to test regularly. For corporate sectors that use VoIP services, internet speed is a core necessity for daily work. From meetings to exporting large amounts of data, internet speed has a huge impact. To make sure that your work is done smoothly, an internet speed test is necessary to do on a daily basis.

What if my Internet Speed is lower than expected?

There might be various reasons why your internet speed may be lower than you expected. Here are some tips that might help increase your internet connection speed:

  1. Always use a wired Ethernet connection rather than wireless to avoid any interruption from various sources
  2. Pause or close any tasks or downloads that are using your internet connection
  3. Restart your modem or router and then perform an internet speed test again

Even after these points, your internet speed is low, contact your internet service provider for help diagnosing the issue.