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A free url shortner tool online, its free upto 5 urls

Why does your website need a URL Shortener?

This is because longer URLs, particularly those used for social media marketing, are purely an eyesore and a hassle. Seeing long URLs people avoid clicking on these links, thinking them to be spam. The idea of short, customized URLs, however, entered the digital world with the advent of advanced technology and URL shortener tools. It is now thought to be particularly important for driving traffic to your online service and social media marketing.

What is a URL shortener?

URL shortener, also known as link shorteners, enables users to condense long URLs into something easier to manage. They can also convert illegible addresses into more comprehensible ones using this tool.

If you want people to know where your link will take them before they click it, then use a short URL as a more evocative and memorable nickname for your lengthy webpage address.

Why use a Link shortener?

  1. Link description: As previously mentioned, a URL shortener makes a long link simple for people to read and remember. Also, typing a long address can cause a lot of errors, eventually leading to frustration. As a result, the link is more descriptive and the user will know what to expect when clicking it.
  2. Reduces character: Due to the volume of content available online, whatever you post should be short, catchy, and direct to gain the audience’s attention. Another problem is that most social media platforms allow only a certain number of characters or words in a post. Under these circumstances, it becomes essential to shorten the URL so that it requires less space and allows you to post more important details.
  3. Create branded links using a URL shortener: Using link shorteners to create branded links is one of the most beneficial things you can do. This implies that you can modify the link to fit your brand and marketing initiatives. For instance, the address of the form you create using Google Forms will be a standard Google link. However, if you use a link shortener, you can alter this address to one that better represents your brand.
  4. URL shorteners also allow you to see the number of clicks users have made on a link. It also helps you to know the demographics of the audience. Additionally, you can use them to learn more about your visitors' physical locations, how they found your page, the devices they were using when they clicked the link, and other information. You can use these metrics to evaluate the success of your advertising and marketing campaigns. You can use this information to create better marketing strategies for more favorable outcomes. After that, it will be easier for you to relate to the people you want to help.

Additionally, short links perform better in search engine results, allowing your page to rank higher in search engine results when compared to sites without a short, descriptive URL.

If you are planning to create shorten your URL, you can use the A2Z Link shortener. This free URL shortener will allow you to convert any long and messed-up URL into a shorter and more readable link. All you have to do is adhere to the following instructions:

  • Visit A2Z Tools
  • Select URL Shortener.
  • Now type the website address into the text field.
  • Simply click Generate.
  • A new short URL for you will be created.
  • You can register for more URLs after using up to 5 of them.

Free URL Shortener:

    Our A2Z URL shortener provides you with the best online link shortener, which is free for up to 5 URLs. After you have exhausted your free trial link, you can switch to our Fy9.in shortener. This URL shortener will provide you with a high-quality experience for shortening links and will help you understand advanced analytics. This tool will also help to increase your sales by improving your CTR to get as high a website or store click-through rate and visit rate as possible.

    This free URL shortener transforms your lengthy, ugly links into short, trackable, easy-to-remember URLs. The short links generated by our website can be used efficiently on any social media platform, blogs, SMS, emails, ads, or anywhere else you want to share them.