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Address by lat long

How to get the address by lat long?

Have you ever been provided by the Earth’s coordinates and left to find the address by lat long?

These coordinates are nothing but latitude and longitude that help to find the exact location of a place on Earth. The earth's center is the origin for measuring longitude and latitude.

Longitude is defined as an angle measured eastward from the prime meridian. It is another angular coordinate that designates a point's location on the earth's surface and is denoted by the symbol lambda. The Greenwich Meridian, which is considered to be the Prime Meridian, is used to define longitude as an angle pointing west or east. The longest possible definition of longitude is 180 degrees east and 180 degrees west of the Prime Meridian. Positive longitudes are those to the east of the prime meridian, while negative longitudes are those to the west of the prime meridian.

Latitude is defined as the angle that is measured about the equator. It is represented by the Greek letter phi and depicts the angle formed between the equatorial plane and a straight line at a particular point. Latitude is measured in degrees, from 0° to 90° on either side of the equator, defining Northern and Southern latitudes. The line at latitude 0° is known as the equator. Latitudes to the north are positive and those to the south are negative.

The process of turning a human-readable address into a place on a map is known as "geocoding." While reverse geocoding is the process of converting a location on a map into an address that can be read by humans.

In the case of reverse geocoding, you can convert latitude and longitude coordinates into a readable address through a process. You need to provide a latitude/longitude pair in the location parameter rather than a textual address, separated by commas. There are frequently multiple results generated from the reverse geocoder. These results are set in the order of best to least matches.

There are two ways in which you can use reverse geocoding:

Lat Long converter: The lat long converter can be used to find an address by lat-long on a map for navigational purposes or if your GPS navigation system is giving you a lat-long that you need to convert to an address.

Our simple lat long converter helps you to get any address by lat long and vice versa. This tool is free and easily accessible. Simply enter the necessary lat/long coordinates and click the Get Address button. You can directly copy the geocoded address from the address section as it is displayed below along with lat long.

You should be aware that the address can be found on the map along with the latitude and longitude. You will get the address by lat-long. The tool will nonetheless begin the reverse geocoding process, and if it is unsuccessful, only the lat long details will be displayed on the map.

Reverse geocoding (finding address from lat long) is the process to convert the latitude and longitude coordinates to geolocation address (readable address). Type the required lat long coordinates and press the Get Address button. The geocoded address will be shown below; you can directly copy it from the address section.

Note: You can view latitude and longitude coordinates on the map along with the address. Convert lat & long to address (address from lat long). However, the tool will start the reverse geocoding process and if it failed, only lat long details will be shown on the map.