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BARCODE Generator - Generate barcode online

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Barcode Generator

A2Z Tools offers a free barcode generator to create a wide variety of barcodes. These barcodes are used in various industrial sectors, and you can use the form to generate individual barcodes as per requirement or type. Our Barcode Generator is a free utility and does not carry any guarantee or technical support.

How to use the barcode generator

When using the Barcode generator, make sure to select the proper symbology needed for your barcode. Enter the value, select the type, background, number of bars, width, height, and click ‘Generate the Barcode’. The tool will automatically generate a barcode that you can download as PNG or JPG.

Here are the details on the type of barcodes available:
Code 39: The Code 39 barcode is the simplest and easiest to use of alphanumeric barcodes. This code is designed for self-check while excluding the need for checking character calculations.
Code 128: This is a very powerful and high-density symbology that allows the encoding of alphanumeric data. The barcode is confirmed character-by-character by checking the similarity of each data byte.
Code 93: Code 93 acts as a more dense and secure option to Code 39. Its tiny size and data redundancy make it excellent for use across various industry sectors, from automotive and logistics.
EAN CODE: These codes are also utilized for labeling consumer goods worldwide, essentially in Europe. EAN Code looks similar to UPCs, and the main difference is their geographical application. Moreover, EAN-13 (13 digits) is the default form, and you’ll find EAN-8 (8 digits) barcodes on small products where space is limited.
Interleaved 2 of 5: This code is available in warehouse, distribution, and manufacturing. Furthermore, Code I 2 of 5 is a numerical barcode used to encode number pairs. Moreover, every 2 digits get added to create one particular symbol.
Data Matrix: Data Matrix has become a common 2D barcode amongst others. The shape is square and can encode large amounts of information in little space. This code is popular in the electronics manufacturing and healthcare industries.
CODABAR: Codabar barcodes get used in logistics, healthcare industries, and libraries. Their main advantage is that they’re simple and easy to print. Therefore, users can generate multiple Codabar codes using serial numbers without using a computer. Codabar encodes up to 16 distinct characters with an additional four start/stop characters.