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URL Slug generator online

All you need to know about the URL Slug generator

If you plan to create an SEO-friendly slug, then you can take the help of an online URL slug generator. However, this article will give you a gist of what a slug is and how to make an SEO-friendly slug using a URL slug generator.

What is a slug?

The portion of an URL that comes after the final backslash is called a slug. For instance, the URL for the article you are currently reading looks like this:

Website: https://a2z.tools/slug-generator

The URL’s slug is “/slug-generator”.

Why Is a Slug Important for SEO?

As the aforementioned example demonstrates, a slug can be extremely effective for keyword SEO. The keywords in the URL structure of your content help Google understand that your content belongs on the SERP if a user were to search Google for "what is a slug." If it makes it clear what the webpage is about, a good slug can enhance the user's experience.

The URL of a webpage sometimes contains a long string of characters, letters, or numbers. Users may hesitate to click because of the difficulty in understanding these slugs. Those slugs don't seem to be very reliable.

A strong URL slug also validates the content on your page and aids Google's crawler bots in understanding how to access it.

What Role Do Web Slugs Play in Search Engine Ranking?

Web slugs are essential in search engine ranking. Your ranking for your target keywords may improve if your URL contains SEO keywords. If your keywords are in the URL slug, Google is more likely to rank your page because Google considers URLs when determining page rankings.

Poor URL Slugs

URLs with poor structure can appear to be spam or a scam. This may put off users to the point where they choose not to click through.

Search engines and crawl bots have trouble understanding bad URLs. Why would a user click through if there is no indication in the URL of what is on the page? Why would they believe that URL?

How would this website ever appear in a SERP unless a user was given that number and specifically typed it into a search? For the benefit of both users and indexing, it is always worthwhile to experiment with changing your URL slugs. Slugs should be as straightforward as possible to make it easy for users to find your pages.

Best practices that you need to follow for a good URL

Most of the time, it is a good idea to include keyword phrases in your URLs. You can use each page on your website to focus on a particular set of keywords.

Our ultimate aim is to use the same keywords consistently throughout the page content, page titles, alt tags, and meta descriptions of our website.

Google explicitly recommends using hyphens in URLs in their documentation on "keep a simple URL structure."

You can use our A2Z online URL slug generator to create an SEO-friendly URL.

Just follow the following steps:

  1. First, enter the text string.
  2. The text string is automatically converted to slug.
  3. Now you can copy-paste the slug.