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Color Code Picker

A2Z Tools have designed an online Color Code Picker for you to find your colors easily and beautifully. Our free tool is simple and quite easy to use.

Color Picker

Click on the color code picker box to select your required color in RGB and HEX Code. Moreover, once you click on the color picker box, a list of colors will show, and you can pick from the list. Also, you get the list with picker, RGB, Copic, Prisma, HEX color code value, RGB value, and HSV value.

Color Combinations: Color and its opposite on the color wheel, +180 degrees of hue. High contrast.

#2596be #be4d25
Split-complementary: A color and two adjacent to its complement, +/-30 degrees of hue from the value opposite the main color. Bold like a straight compliment, but more versatile.

#2596be #6c25be #bea925
Triadic: Three colors are spaced evenly along with the color wheel, each 120 degrees of hue apart. Best to use one color to manage and use the other color as accents.

#2596be #be2596 #96be25
Analogous: These are three colors of the same luminance with hues near to the color wheel, 30 degrees apart.

#2596be #25a5be #2587be
Monochromatic: Three colors of the same hue with luminance values +/-50%. Subtle and refined.

#2596be #041014 #145369
Tetradic: Two sets of complementary colors, separated by 60 degrees of hue.

#2596be #9925be #be4d25 #49be25