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Free backlink maker - generate backlink online

The Best backlink maker that will help you to build a large number of potential and quality backlinks. To start, you have to enter your domain name and press "Generate."

What is Backlink Generator?

A2Z Tools help you to create quality SEO backlinks from specific websites automatically. You might be wondering that how it is possible? The answer is simple. There are a lot of tools and software in search engines that check websites for some particular parameters (like the traffic amount, IP address, domain age, Google PageRank, ranked keywords, hosting provider, etc.) and several issues (like Security, SEO, etc.). Furthermore, some of these tools save and index each statement or report they make. Our Backlink Generator tool from A2Z Tools creates such a report to get free links.

Why should you use the Backlink Generator?

To improve your website rankings:

It is crucial that all the links that lead to your website should be reliable, high-quality, and should have high DA. Moreover, websites with the best and quality backlinks have higher positions in SERP.

To prevent a website from spam anchors:

Sometimes your rivals can play hard and create spam backlinks to your website, so your anchor list becomes spammy. Therefore, the best way to react quickly is to use disavow tool and add some trustful and reliable links with no anchor text.

To boost your new website:

When you launch a new website, try to get free backlinks and add some trust juice to your website. Moreover, people think that backlinks are only for SEO, but backlinks are the best way to increase your website authority. Our Backlink Generator tool provides you easy and free high-quality backlinks to improve your website DA & PR.

How to use backlink generator properly:

  • Keep a close eye on our competitors and their backlinks
  • Backlink Generator is the best way for new websites to get the first backlinks in a few seconds
  • Backlink Tracker is a great way to research what backlinks have a good impact on your website rankings
  • Focus on the high-quality backlinks and avoid spammy backlinks